Best way email verification and validation services

Email Verification and Validation services

Email Verification and Validation services are the procedure through which the validity of an email address is established.

It is a necessary step in the email marketing process called email list cleaning and validation.

Email Verification and Validation Services Anyone can make an error when writing an email address, and the email address becomes invalid due to the error. Verification and Validation services Emails sent to these incorrect email addresses bounce, lowering the campaign’s deliverability score.
Email Verification and Validation Services The best email validation tools to clean your email list fast


Email checkers are classified into two types:

  • API-based real-time verification
  • Verification of large email lists

Online services are the most common sort of email testers. It immediately returns a result for the email address you submitted. For real-time email verification, you must incorporate this API into your website or application.


When we enter our desired email address on Google or Yahoo, email verification is conducted to check the syntax. 

The second type of email tester lets you upload a file and produces a clean list of email addresses. Email verifiers of this type are commercial services that are useful for email campaigns. The majority of the time, these services allow you to import your email list from your current email service.

This email includes a one-of-a-kind link. This URL is used to verify your email address. 

Email Checker and Hunter are two free online email verifiers.

Leopathu is a free mass email verifier.

List of prominent email checker and validator services.

  1. ZeroBounce
  2. Bouncer
  3. DeBounce
  4. Verify
  5. NeverBounce
  6. BriteVerify
  7. Bulk Email Checker
  8. Email List Validation
  10. Visalia
  11. Quick Email Verification
  12. DataValidation
  13. Email Marker



  • Eliminates incorrect and bogus email addresses and prevents bounces.
  • Detects spam traps, abusive messages, catch-all emails, and transient emails.
  • Provides a powerful API for real-time email verification.
  • Completes email lists by adding missing information such as name, gender, and location.
  • Removes duplicates for free.
  • The support team is accessible at all hours.

The Freemium account includes 100 free monthly email list cleaning credits. 


Bouncer delivers powerful and reliable email list verification and email validation. It will protect your sender’s reputation and boost your inbox placement by deleting invalid emails from your list and minimizing your bounce rate!

The bouncer makes the following offers:

  • Simple to use yet extremely powerful platform that allows you to verify your lists in three easy steps or rapidly check a single email.
  • Email verification API that is robust and easy to implement, built by developers for developers. Verify whole batches at once or perform real-time verification with a single email.
  • New! Add-on for multi-team play. Allows you to manage users, credit allocation, history, and integrations all from a single account!


  • Eliminates stale, bogus, and invalid email addresses and decreases your bounce rate! 
  • SAMPLE OF FREE EMAIL VERIFICATION – Test the quality of your list for free! Time and money are both saved!
  • Once the verification procedure is complete, the bounce estimate helps you make an informed decision about which emails to stay on your list!
  • Support that is responsive and human-to-human.
  • GDPR compliance is built-in! Their first concern is the protection of your data. 

CSV or.TXT file format for list download

Best for Verification of bulk email lists, email validation APIs, and real-time verification. It’s a favourite among fast-growing technology companies and marketing teams!

Once a user has registered, he or she receives 100 free test credits.


DeBounce is a well-known, fast, and accurate email validation software that enables you to validate emails in bulk or via an API. has over 1000 good reviews across a variety of review sites, including TrustPilot and Capterra.

offers 30 direct connectors with various ESPs and over 100 total integrations, allowing you to connect the validation engines to your CRM, ESP, or WebForms. This is not all the capabilities available; DeBounce also includes a robust data enrichment engine that enables you to discover the full name and avatar associated with any email address.

You can use the data enrichment engine in bulk or in response to individual API queries.

Special Offers for DeBounce :

  • Engine for Bulk and API Validation
  • Enrichment of Data
  • Lead Detector
  • Email List Surveillance
  • Plugin for WordPress
  • Over a hundred integrations
  • JavaScript Widget That Is Simple to Install


  • Anti-greylisting software
  • Unknown Recertification
  • Validation of domains that are notoriously difficult to check, such as T-Online and
  • Analysis of Your Pre-Start List for Free

Duplicate email elimination is performed automatically.

CSV file format for list download

It is free to do 100 verifications. There are only a few cost options given here. Numerous choices are available depending on the number of verifications. Plans begin at $0.0009 per verification and increase in price based on the number of verifications.


Xverify is an email verification service designed specifically for digital marketing purposes.

By lowering fraud, reducing spam complaints, and removing hard bounces, email deliverability for online marketing is improved. While the email validation procedure is in progress, the email validator verifies that the username is registered with the domain.


  • It monitors IP blacklists for improved inbox delivery.
  • It incorporates anti-fraud measures.
  • It includes domain auto-correction.
  • It verifies cloud and mobile devices.
  • It provides immediate results.

CSV file type for uploading lists

CSV file format for list download

The Most Effective For Affiliate Management.

It is free to do 100 verifications. There are only a few cost options given here. Numerous choices are available depending on the number of verifications.


NeverBounce delivers email verification and cleaning services in real time.

 validates emails sent by small businesses, major businesses, and all popular providers located anywhere in the world.


  • It may be linked with any platform to do real-time email verification.
  • It includes an API, JavaScript Widget, Webhook, and Dashboard for email verification.
  • It will perform a real-time bounce analysis.
  • Duplicate email elimination is performed automatically.
  • It detects and rejects emails with a high risk of being dangerous.

CSV file type for uploading lists

CSV file format for list download

Most Suitable For Small Businesses

Price: It comes in two flavours: ‘Pay as you go’ and the Enterprise bundle. You can send an infinite amount of emails with the Enterprise package.


BriteVerify verifies emails in real-time without sending them.

Web forms, landing sites, mobile devices, and point-of-sale systems use Email Verification API. It is capable of performing real-time email list verification.


  • It is capable of conducting real-time email verification.
  • It provides email verification in bulk.
  • It is capable of doing domain validation.
  • The email list can be imported straight from the marketing platform or by drag-and-drop.

CSV file type for uploading lists

CSV file format for list download

Best For International Best Sellers Lists.


Bulk Email Checker

Bulk Email Checker is a web application that checks email addresses.

It is an email checker that utilizes the SMTP protocol. It is capable of conducting real-time email verification. Bulk Email Checker works effortlessly with Google Sheets. It integrates with WordPress via a plugin.


  • It eliminates duplications.
  • It does a thorough cleaning of the SMTP test.
  • It protects you from throwaway providers and addresses on your blacklist.
  • It protects data with two-way encryption.
  • It can track blacklists via integrations with existing systems such as MailChimp, Mailgun, Mandrill, Mailjet, SendGrid, and Postmark.

Most Effective For Bulk Email List

It is free for up to ten email addresses each day. There are numerous options available, each with a different amount of email validations. Only a few are mentioned in this section.

Email List Validation

Email List Validation checks for invalid emails, spam traps, and hard bounces on the email list. It distinguishes between low-quality and high-value addresses. It ensures that emails are sent to legitimate recipients.


  • It eliminates redundant email addresses.
  • It validates the risk associated with high-risk keywords and TLDs.
  • It is capable of detecting dormant, invalid, or parked domains.
  • It filters out email addresses with incorrect syntax.
  • It eliminates spam traps.

It is ideal for: It is simple to use.

Price: The pricing structure begins at $19. assists email marketers with their marketing.

It may clean and check email lists, hence improving email deliverability, and enabling businesses to get exceptional ROI by preventing hard bounces. It is capable of verifying both individual and bulk emails.


  • It supports MailChimp, SendGrid, and Mailer Light integrations.
  • It is capable of conducting real-time email verification.
  • It’s simple to browse, search, and filter the email list.
  • It will offer you extensive information about the deliverability of your email list.
  • It enables you to import the list from any location using integrations.

Best For: The tool is straightforward and simple to use.

Just some of its plans are presented here. It provides 100 complimentary verifications.


Visalia is an online email validation service that includes an API for validating incoming email addresses. Validation will occur in real time. It checks the email without really sending it.


  • It is capable of conducting real-time email verification.
  • It cleans email lists.
  • It verifies syntax, domains and DNS records, and mail exchangers.
  • Additionally, it verifies the existence of a mailbox.
  • Eliminates duplication of email addresses.

CSV is the file format for uploading lists.

CSV and xls files are available for download.

It’s best for: It offers monthly membership plans.

Registration is completely free. You can execute up to 25 validations per day with this free plan. It offers monthly subscription options and bulk credit bundles.


 Quick Email Verification

Email Verification in a Flash Email service providers, startups, and Fortune 500 corporations can all use this email validator.


  • You can upload an email list in text CSV format for bulk email verification.
  • It enables you to import an email service provider’s subscriber list.
  • It comes with a REST API that you can incorporate into your application or website. 
  • It will generate verification statistics for you.

Best For Email verification with a high rate of response.

Lists can be uploaded in the following formats: Xls, xlsx, ods, CSV, and Text.

Download CSV lists.

Cost: Free for the first 100 email addresses.


Data validation aids in email marketing and maximizes return on investment.

This email tester is suitable for entrepreneurs, email service providers, and businesses. It validates email addresses and lists. This service ensures that emails are delivered to 99 per cent of recipients following list cleansing.


  • API for email verification in your application or website.
  • It enables you to instantly upload or import your email list from your email service provider.
  • It will generate a report on the quality of each email list you upload.
  • Cleaning email lists assures 99 per cent deliverability.
  • Autopilot lets you check your email list monthly, weekly, or biweekly.

CSV and Txt formats are available for list download.

Cost per verification: Verifications lower the cost per verification.

Email Marker

Email Marker provides email verification and email cleaning services.

It helps in email marketing by enhancing ROI. 


  • Syntax check.
  • Identifies duplicate records and merges them.
  • It features spam trap control.
  • It can do domain validation for dormant, invalid, and parked domains.
  • It has an active mail check.
  • It promptly detects the insecure account.

List upload format: CSV, XLS, Xlsx, Txt.

List download format: CSV

Best For Email list cleansing

Price: Service is free for 150 email verifications.


This article was entirely dedicated to email verification and the best email verification and validation services available.

Small businesses benefit from NeverBounce, ZeroBounce, Xverify, and BriteVerify. 

Xverify is capable of monitoring IP blacklists and is ideal for affiliate management.

Bulk Email Checker does a thorough SMTP test cleaning. NeverBounce detects and analyses high-risk bounces in real time. 

I hope this information was beneficial in assisting you in selecting the best email checker!!


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