How to Check an Email Address

How to Check an Email Address 

The days of recklessly sending cold emails, spraying, and hoping that something falls someplace, are over.

Sincerely, good riddance.

Today, How to Check an Email Address email outreach takes meticulous attention to detail in order to have your emails read — and a personal touch in order to elicit a response from your leads. First, get your emails to the inbox.

How to Check an Email Address?

Simple: validate an email address without actually sending an email.

Why is it necessary to validate an email address before clicking send?

Deliverability is a single word.

Sending 500 emails to confirmed addresses is much superior to sending 1,000 emails to unverified ones.

There is a fair chance that a significant portion of those 1,000 emails will bounce. The more emails that bounce, the more probable it is that messages from your inbox will be classified as spam. Not only will you lose time dealing with bounced emails, but emails sent to genuine addresses will also be less successful.

By taking the additional step of verifying an email address before sending, you may increase your deliverability. Improved deliverability results in an increase in open and response rates.

How can I verify an email address without emailing?

We’re delighted you inquired.

Email verification options exist.

Free email verification tools: If you send a small number of emails (or sometimes need to validate an email address), a free tool will suffice.

Tools for locating emails that have built-in verification. If you’re expanding email campaigns and don’t want to risk bounces, use an email finder tool to automatically locate and validate any email address.

Whether you require a few confirmed email addresses or a list of thousands, confirming an email address without sending an email is rather straightforward.

Two Email Verification Methods:

#1Manually verify each email address

Google “email checker” or “email verifier” to find several free programs for checking email addresses without sending emails.

Free Email Verifier from Wiza. Free and non-installable. The quick and easy email checker verifies email addresses in milliseconds.

How it works is as follows:

  • Verify email.
  • Legitimate email addresses show “Deliverable,” whereas invalid ones show “Undeliverable.”

If you send a few emails each day, this way of verifying an email address without sending one works great. After all, it’s free and simple.

Will this approach scale?

#2 Make use of an email-finding tool that includes verification.

The majority of email discovery software provides an option for verifying email addresses. The trick is to discover a program that confirms your email address automatically, rather than depleting your credits or costing you extra for the verification process.

Several things to check for include the following:

1-Ideally, you want a solution that allows you to validate emails directly from a prospecting tool such as Sales Nav or to input your own list, depending on your process.

2-You need a solution that costs you solely for validated, current email addresses.

Several options meet both criteria.

  • Because Hunter does not authenticate emails, they are often out of date.
  • ZoomInfo may give useful statistics, but it is sometimes too expensive for increasing teams. Additionally, it becomes obsolete rapidly, since it will never change as often as LinkedIn profiles.
  • Wiza is best used in combination with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to discover and verify email addresses.

While scraping lead data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Wiza checks email addresses.

While a Sales Nav account is required, setting up your process assures one thing: you’re obtaining up-to-date, validated email addresses for the individuals you’re attempting to contact. The phrase “ecosystem” refers to a group of construction workers.

The following steps describe how to validate an email address using Wiza:

  • Upload your.csv file with the names of the individuals for whom you are looking for email addresses.
  • Choose ‘Process List’, followed by ‘Scrape and Find Emails’.
  • You’ll be able to get your validated email addresses after the search is complete (or port them to your CRM)

Email Verification: Is It Cost-Effective?

You may verify an email address without sending an email using both free and premium software. Which one should you use?

Free tools, such as our Free Email Verifier, are effective at confirming a single email address at a time. If you merely need to verify an email you discovered elsewhere or send a few outbound emails every week, a free tool may suffice.

By comparison, a paid alternative for email verification might help you continue your outbound email operations. Rather than spending hours manually confirming email addresses prior to sending a single message, you can include automatic verification in your process.

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